LW Magazine (Korea) : Equilibrium : Page. 34-39 : Issue 69, 2014



Landscape Designer/Artist Sanitas Studio Co., Ltd. 

Work Team Sanitas Pradittasnee, Rachaniporn Tiempayotorn, Amisa Ruksiam, Idsared Komanee, Supavadee Nimawan 

Location Songdo Beach, Busan, South Korea 

Size 1.20mx1.20mx2.30m (17 Pieces) 

Material Customized PVC Inflatable with the Pottery’s Glazing Screened, Filled with Air 

Completion 2013 

Award Busan Biennale: International Competition for The Sea Art Festival 2013(Special Selection) 

In 1913, it was opened as a first public beach during Japan occupation. The place was allocated for leisure activity under Japanese rule. It gives the contrast feeling of suppress and freedom in the same time.

The idea of maintaining the Equilibrium helps the South Korean go through all difficult circumstances from the past to the present. In the past decades, the South Korean economy has grown significantly and was transformed into one of the major economy country. South Korean has experienced rise and fall situations.

“As if they fall, they will rise up again like a tumbler doll.” The philosophy of Equilibrium(yin and yang) has been embedded in South Korea’s culture throughout the history. The concept of yin and yang is all things in the universe that holds the two principles in perfect balance. In the proposal of Installation for Sea Art Festival, the Equilibrium concept was represented through the physical aspect of balance “The Tumbler doll”.

The movement of the tumbler doll represent the dynamic balance and the joy of beach activity. In the same time, it reflects the story and historical layers of the place. The tumbler doll always bounces back to the balance position whether it is shaking and tumbling by any forces.

The contrast of Pottery and Tumbler doll represents as, The Fragile/ The Unbreakable, The Heritage/The Contemporary, The Past/The Present, Indoor/Outdoor, Suppress/Freedom, Heavy/Light, Static/ Dynamic

At the first glance, the installation looks like a static monumental Korean pottery located on Songdo beach. Only when people walk closer and interact with it, they will be surprised by a dynamic and unbreakable pottery. On the surface of selected potteries will reflect the contemporary city on the heritage pottery through the reflective mirror film finished.

Text: Sanitas Studio Co., Ltd.