A landscape renovation design for front garden of Abdulrahim Place’s is comprised of two installation artworks, Khao Mo and Golden Cloud, and The Green Carpet as a sculptural land art. These three artworks had been harmoniously installed in the garden, humbled by the idea of “relationship between people and nature” and also waiting for visitors to discover their meanings.

The Mythical Escapism, Khao Mo, is the mountain of faith that given time to interact with the artwork for audiences. They can journey from the past to the present, from exalted down to the public

Golden Cloud, a majestic artwork standing in front of the building entrance, invite people to look inside and beyond, as a reflection of imagination, growing and eternity.

Last, The Green Carpet, as a sculptural land art, visitors will experience the revealing soil layers on both sides, while walking through the green carpet. Rammed earth walls, the landform’s layers, also give the perceptual experience of being embraced by nature to everyone.