In 2012, Sanitas Studio  was commissioned by Sansiri PLC to do landscape design for low-rise condominium  near by Khao Takieb ,Hua Hin, Thailand. Site area is about 4 Rai that complementary  with 2 buildings, 4 and 7 storey. Each building is in L shape and composed in form of rectangular to create a great open space or center court.  Site location is far from the sea about  500 m. and no any boundary connected to the beach. The most potential of this site is the experience of panorama view from high level. You can touch the blue sky with deep blue sea from the East and delight  with green  view of golf course from the South and continue to the big mountain at the West.

From project name, “Autumn” that mean falling season, Sanitas Studio interpret the unique  with repetition of  falling leave in autumn. The atmosphere of falling leave were became the main concept of landscape design. We proposed to provide the area on ground floor to serve the resident with enough parking area and the grand drop off, beautiful center court that create an comfortable atmosphere, and the back garden in strip shape along the building that considerate with security. Roof garden on 4th storey deck is public space for every resident, provided a pretty chill out space with panorama view that is the highlight of this site.

  1. Site plan, from heaping leave on water surface amidst the forest shape the interesting figure and ground that was developed to be space and element detail.
  2. Mood and tone of changing color leave in autumn is the unique shade, yellow, orange, red and dark brown. Those color bring the strong language to landscape elements either hardscape or softscape.
  3. Moving pattern inspired by changing leave that falling from the treetops to the ground and make layers of color on earth. We captured that moment and developed to be entity pattern for center court, lamps, seating, pavilion and any element.