We participate in Art Normal Exhibition, an Urban Art Installation Project in Ratchaburi province, Thailand. “ART FOR ALL” is the main theme for the exhibition. The Injection of Art to the community is the intention, to juxtapose the un normal in normal community. It would be very interesting to see the dynamic and consequence after the exhibition since the grand opening is not the end of the works. It is a continuing process. For our piece, we focus on the process of making and the process of decaying, the fragile of life living on upside down attitude. Drawing from the major flood in Thailand in 2011, our installation work, called “Floating City”, is representing and questioning our attitude toward the natural environments. Looking from a distance, this floating object could look like an abandoned or damaged house from the flood. Then one gets closer to the house, one can experience the invert interior; the hanging table, chairs and other households. The juxtaposition between the normal surrounding and the abnormal interior creates the tension and puzzles. Through the window frame, one could see the upright surrounding clearer, while as the fluorescent color create only the silhouette of the interior’s outlines.

“ Floating City ”

2000 x 4000 x 3000 mm

Styrofoam, Timber structure, Plastic chair, Silicone, Paint

From the major flood event in Thailand in 2011, we all witnessed submerged cities, homelessness and how serious of the problem including with people’s attitude toward natural environment. What if the floated part is sinking, while the submerged part becomes floating. Or our way of living is upside down as well as the attitude towards the environment. How should we rethink and adjust the attitude on our way of living and turn the upside down up again…

The Floating City is represented through the house, as the smallest unit of the city. The typical village house in Thailand was illustrate by a very simple Thai detail. The materials were recycled from the rescued tools of flood victims; Styrofoam, which was used as a rescued boat, Plastic chair, which was used as floating toilet, Silicone, which was used to fill up the leaking holes of the house. All the material are assembled to be the “The Floating City”.