250 X 250 X 200 mm

Clear Resin



The Belief has been represented in the symbolic form. It becomes an object for worship and paying respect. The strong materiality of it could lead to more attachment and set more distance from its true meaning.

The work is started from the question of the existence of belief and what is the form of belief, which we hold on to. I try to capture it and transform the intangible form to be an experience and explore various material and conceptual thinking.

The Form of belief was explored from inside to outside, the positive to negative shape, and the outer skin to an inner core value.
The solid stupa shape was transformed and represented the inverse negative shape in seeking for the existence of belief.

Form of Belief I (Holding Emptiness) was first created in 2013. From the question of the existence of belief, I really want to capture the form of it and seek what is actually inside the pagoda, the symbolic form which we have been living around it and relate to our way of life.