…Or we are all just stardust…

2 meters in diameter, 2.80 meters in height

Cut mirrors and ashes


For Group Exhibition “Heads or Tails?” at Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York

Curated by Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani


Society changes because of changing technology. Individuality becomes more pronounced. Black and white get mixed as gray; right and wrong become relative, depending on points of reference. What is then Paramattha Sacca (Ultimate Truth)?


Technology changes, but humans never change. Self-attachment becomes more pronounced. Love, greed, anger and lust remain. Hunting wars are replaced by wars of trade and missiles.

What is inner truth?

What is the thing we hold onto?

Is what we see what is?


This installation opens up space for people to slow down, discover, reflect and ask questions regarding:

What is and what is seen;

Convention and truth;

The outer skin and the core inside;

Existence and disintegration;

Life and death, and;

Attachment and nothingness.


What do we hold onto?

Is what we see the same as what it is?

Is what we see what we hold onto?

What is the ultimate truth, the essence, without conventional assumption?


Are we done with it?