River Ordination, an art installation for Chaopraya River (FOR)

Tree ordination

The Ribbons is stratagem of an ancient in order not to cut the trees and destroyed by winding the three colored cloth to show that a tree have fairy established.

“Tree ordination” was first started from the monk to protect the trees. The tree was covered by the yellow robe as if they were part of the monk hood.


River ordination

From the past, there is a crucial relationship between the city and The river. Chaopraya River is a part of Thai and a breath of Bangkok City.

River ordination is a concept that shows the relationship between human and river.

Conceptually, The Ribbons represent the relationship between human and river not to be separate from each other.

Physically, The Ribbons reflect the connection of each district along the river.

The connections are both on the paths along the river and shortcuts connection with the surrounding area.

The Yellow Ribbon is the connection of temple along the water from Rama7 bridge to Phuttha Yodfa Bridge.

The Pink Ribbon is the connection of local community along the river.

The Green Ribbon is the connection of park along the river.

The Red Ribbon is the connection of official place along the river.