Apart from Siamese Gioia, the Low-rise condominium, Sanitas Studio was commissioned by Siamese Asset Co., Ltd. to design Siamese Gioia sales gallery.
Siamese Gioia Sales Gallery located in the prime area of Sukhumvit 31. The sales gallery would render the overall atmosphere of the main project. The serene and calm character of neighborhood would be illustrated through the landscape gesture.
We propose to encourage people to slow down and create a small courtyard before entering the Sales gallery. From the street, people can slow down and walk across the reflective pool as a transition to home. The courtyard design was simple in rectangular shape, yet rich with texture of material and refined detail. The refined texture of gravels were juxtaposed and contrasting with natural stone stepping. From the main concept of “The garden within a garden”, we plant bamboo along the periphery, which create a natural filter from outside and translucent shade from inside. This provide the calm atmosphere inside.