In 2010, Sanitas Studio was commissioned by Siamese Asset Co., Ltd. to do a landscape design for Low-rise condominium on Sukhumvit 31Road.

Starting from limited landscape area, we tried to provide gardens in every possible area.
On Ground floor, we proposed “The garden within a garden” concept; creating a pool garden in the center ,which is surrounded by a bamboo garden and people can enjoy the garden from every units. The buildings were wrapped by the bamboo garden; working as natural filter from outside and translucent shade for inside. And we selected the specific specie of bamboo, which provide large leaves and hardly fall.

The facility area, which was half shade and underneath the building, would be treated as part of the pool garden. We propose to simplify the space underneath the building with a continuous platform with a swimming pool in the middle and create open-air lobby space. We decided to use one continuous reflective pool with swimming pool and Children’s pool inside to keep the space very simple and can brighten up the space by reflection of natural sunlight. The gym room, coffee shop and kid’s room would be treated as floating glass box on the continuous platform.

Beyond the reflective pool, there is an abstraction of “Koa Mor”; a traditional element in Thai garden. People can experience the garden loop, which cut across the “Koa Mor”and have a view back to a central courtyard.