From the routine city life, we are interested in creating a pause where people can slow down and experience the sculptural space with mindfulness of being; being with the present. The sculptural space was illustrated in the temporal state of time and space.

“A Pause ” is an empty space, which is allowed for people interaction.
“A Pause” is an empty space, wrapped by rice paper and simple timber structure.
“A Pause” is an empty space, covered by smell of boil tea leaf

In reference to tea culture, individual sips a tea to relax and people enjoys a nice conversation while they are having a tea. The tea culture has been cultivated in Europe hundreds years ago and gradually become part of everyday life.

The moment of drinking tea was considered as another dimension of pause, a meditation state in one minute.
The moment of drinking tea, we can feel the warmth and the unique taste.
The moment of drinking tea, we are aware of drinking tea.
The moment of drinking tea, we are aware of the present.
The sculptural space was structured to reflect the moment of drinking tea.

A Pause” is in a form of Teahouse, constructed by simple timber structure and wrapped with rice paper. The rice paper allows the light to go through and reveal the silhouette of the interior. Getting inside, people can smell the tea leaf, hanged from the ceiling and feel warm from the enclosed space and the texture of it. The space of the pavilion only allow for 5 people. It is the amount of people to having tea at once.
The temporary structure suggests the notion of changes and decaying, in the same time provoke the mindfulness of being; being with the present. The pavilion was proposed to be located in middle of the field with a background of former palace. The contrast was raised and create the tension between site context and the artwork; the formal and informal, the monumental and the fragile, the concrete and the ephemeral and the exterior and interior.

People can experience the moment through the temperal state of space. The incompleted and a symmetry form of space allows for process of contemplating.