The Cocoons

1.65 x 1.65 x 1.85 and 2.10 x 2.10 x 2.70 meters

Stainless steel mirror finished



In 2019 we were invited to create an Artwork for the collection of new mix-used development, which locates in the transition between the new business center and the local community. we see a lot of contrast between new and old, public and domestic, industrial and craftsmanship.


The cocoon was created to be a sculpture that would allow space for contemplation.

For people to slow down, sit, and relax

The cocoon is consist of small pixels which reflect the texture of the city and at the same time reflect the change of surrounding nature from dust to dawn

And inside the cocoon, I want to integrate a domestic sound of the wind bell, which was used locally in almost every house. The bell was cast in the traditional lost wax-casting method from Pa-Ao, northeast of Thailand. So it creates the contrast feeling of domestic and public.