12 x 10 x 8 meters (Individual)

Aluminium panel, Aluminium perforated sheet, Aluminium and galvanized steel

The Forest Canopy: A sculptural landscape located at the main entrance of Burasiri Watcharapol Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. In 2017, we were invited to do landscape design for the project and intend to create tranquility and delightfulness in this area and also invent a living at its finest.

The design concept of the main project is “reforestation”, to diversify an existing open space into forest and creates a variety of environment for living.

“The Forest Canopy” was created as a gateway before entering the “Reforest” project. It welcomes and brings all the residents to the world of lush greenery inside. All great trees spread their branches widely to cover the area. Not only does the canopy provide people satisfying shade, but it also creates the feeling of traveling through a gorgeous forest. From the beginning, residents will experience from rainforest zoning, where the forest canopy located, then pine forest, flowering forest, open field and tree house along natural pond area sequentially.

From the inspiration of nature to clarify our design language, we chose to use the geometric shapes instead of organic ones. The hexagon shapes resembled tree crowns when the triangle-shaped holes represented the gaps between foliage which allow sunlight to shine through. Aluminium composite panels is in classic shades of brown give timeless beauty and the sunlight reflected from their surface can truly enliven the atmosphere.